Africa: fifty-four countries, one fifth of the Earth’s land area, one billion
people speaking two thousand languages, and right at the very heart
of the continent is Uganda.

Here is a land of stunning diversity where the open savannah of the Serengeti meets the jungles of the Congo: home to mist-cloud forests, steaming jungles, dusty desert plains and over 30,000 square miles of open water.

It is a land of awesome scenery.

Winding its way between the Rwenzori Mountains to the West and the Rift Valley to the East, is a river like no other: a river with constant high water and warm all-year-round temperatures.

Its remotest headstream is the Luvinzora River in Burundi, over 600 miles away through unimaginable rainforests.

However, it is here where the Nile leaves Lake Victoria, Uganda, that the world’s kayakers come to play.

In our 70km section of the great White Nile, 1600 cubic metres of water per second drop down through 70 vertical meters to give rise to the finest white water in the world.

Welcome to the Nile
Welcome to the Nile
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